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Why Be a GMO Guinea Pig?

C.E. Dunne’s recent letter (“Forget It, Fearmongers: GMOs Are Safe,” October 17, 2013) shows an ignorance of the very real dangers of genetically modified “food” and sounds more like biotech industry propaganda (shooting the messenger rather than providing any information).

There is a huge increase in herbicide use on GMO crops, aside from the possible dangers of genetic modification for which we are unwilling guinea pigs. Since GMO crops are genetically modified to resist glyphosates (e.g. Roundup Ready herbicide), and the weeds have developed resistance to glyphosates, more and more herbicide is being sprayed on the GMO crops in attempts to kill the resistant weeds (and why not? Biotech corporations also sell herbicides).

Glyphosate is not just an herbicide—it’s an antibiotic (it kills living things). We’re now eating unheard-of amounts of antibiotics sprayed on our food, which have a direct pathway to our beneficial gut bacteria, killing them off (same as when you take a prescription antibiotic). Gut bacteria (probiotics) constitute 80 percent of our immune system. Chronically lacking the healthy gut bacteria that bolster immunity, we are prone to a wide range of diseases, from common colds to chronic degenerative diseases.

Avoid GMOs at all costs, which is most easily done by buying only organic and non-GMO-verified food. Buy only organic seeds for home gardening, which also helps avoid killing bees, as neonicotinoids that kill bees are used on “conventional” seeds and become systemic in the plant and its pollen. It’s time to return to health by returning to the real, “conventional” methods of farming, which are using manure and compost, and organic seeds and methods of pest/weed control, in order to preserve our food supply and seed-saving ability and rights. Start an organic, heirloom seed-saving library!

All this info is available on the Internet at sites such as, along with links to the scientific studies C.E. Dunne claims don’t exist. As Dunne fears, the facts “will undoubtedly scare uninformed consumers into the waiting arms of organic food farmers.”


Support New Lyme Disease Legislation

Lyme disease is a terribly painful illness. If it is caught early, it is treatable, but many folks don’t catch it in time and it becomes a lifelong, possibly debilitating disease. For many years, people with the disease have been unable to get the treatment they need because their insurance doesn’t cover it. Finally, there is a bill in the Massachusetts legislature (presently before the Joint Committee on Financial Services) with a public hearing on November 13, at 1 p.m. in Room A2 at the Statehouse. Please encourage your legislators to attend the public hearing and to support H989! If you can attend the hearing or can provide testimony for the public hearing (written or in person), please contact This is very important to the health of many.


Vegan: The Way to Go

Since November is World Vegan Month, many people are trying to eat more plant-based meals. Fortunately, there’s plenty to eat without eating meat, eggs and dairy products. I’ve been vegan for more than two decades and I enjoy an array of great-tasting vegan foods, including black bean and corn chili, curried vegetables, hummus wraps, veggie burgers, non-dairy cheese pizza, faux chicken salad and more. I urge everyone to try these and other tasty vegan foods. By going vegan, at least for one month, you’ll not only help combat climate change, conserve resources, and reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other common chronic illnesses; you’ll also save lives. Each vegan saves more than 100 animals every year.

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