Breathe Owl Breathe mines familiar terrain on “Passage of Pegasus”

Passage of Pegasus album coverBreathe Owl Breathe

Passage of Pegasus


Six albums in, the sound made by this indie folk trio differs little from that of the band’s 2004 debut.

Much like on that initial release, the impression here is of a talented group of musicians influenced by nature, fairy tales, and the world of dreams. “Ferns Move” glides along with finger-picked guitar and sighing cello, while “Sand Stone” features a repeated electronic synth figure over a pounding drum beat that speeds up halfway through the song.

Additional sound effects pop up throughout the album, adding both immersive realism as well as insular eclecticism to the proceedings.

Though at times charming in its seemingly naïve approach and choice of subject matter, the record also boasts too many mid-tempo songs, which lack enough variation to help listeners tell them apart. There are glimmers of difference, but the group could be well-served in the future by expanding its sonic palette.

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Author: Michael Cimaomo

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