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Ensnared By Goddess Hillary

At any moment, America will experience the start of a modern-day phenomenon known as the Bandwagon Mentality. We have seen this time and again, but this time the creation of the bandwagon mentality will feature Hillary Clinton and her run for president of the U.S. The malleable minds of the unsuspecting will be continuously pelted from now until November of 2016 with sweet marshmallows (puff pieces) like the recent cover story in the Advocate (“What Would President Hillary Do?”, January 30, 2014), which already has Hillary positioned above the political ebb and flow of things, stating that Hillary “isn’t a candidate—she’s a brand.” Eventually, the image of Hillary Clinton will take on a supernatural, goddess-like glow.

The enslaving bandwagon mentality plays on human weakness more subtly and thoroughly than any narcotic. The bandwagon mentality enslaves the heart, mind, soul and body of the individual who harbors more than a normal capacity to be “liked” and will bring a nation to ruin if enough citizens jump into this diabolical ensnarement. For those who have eyes to see, be vigilant between now and November of 2016 and, sadly, watch as the final nail (via Hillary) is slowly driven into the coffin of America. For those who understand the underlying supernatural ebb and flow of things, keep in mind what Jesus said about deception of this magnitude in the times we are now living through. We live in exciting times.


The Real Moochers

The Farm Bill was passed. The House Republicans wanted to cut $40 billion (half) of the food stamp program but compromised on cutting $8.7 billion. They chose not to cut anything from the billionaires who receive subsidies under the farm bill, even though agri-business needs no subsidy and many receiving money are billionaires who are not farming. They could have cut from the oil subsidy or GE subsidy or subsidies to other profitable corporations who pay no federal income tax. Cutting food is counterproductive because it is likely to result in higher Medicaid expense because people do not have nourishment.

The same House Republicans do not want to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour, which is less than half the living wage ($15 an hour). They believe that these “moochers” and their spouses can work two fulltime jobs each and thereby get by without a pay raise or public assistance. Meanwhile House members worked only 126 days in 2013. In 2014, their plan is to work only 113 days with no five-day work weeks while still collecting a fulltime salary. Who are the real moochers here?


McGovern Fights Animal Abuse

The Humane Society expresses its thanks and congratulations to U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern for sponsoring a successful amendment to the Farm Bill to crack down on illegal dogfighting and cockfighting. McGovern’s amendment makes it a federal crime to attend or bring a child under the age of 16 to an animal fight. The spectator admission fees and gambling dollars finance these criminal operations and make dogfighting and cockfighting profitable. Each time two more animals are placed in the pit, the spectators start shouting out bets, gambling on which animal will kill the other. Even worse, at the first sign of a raid many will abandon their animals and blend into the crowd, claiming to be spectators as a way to avoid prosecution.

McGovern’s provision, now enacted, will fortify the federal law against organized and barbaric dogfighting and cockfighting rings, and help law enforcement crack down on the entire cast of characters involved in animal fighting. Animal welfare supporters are grateful to Congressman McGovern for fighting against animal cruelty and standing up for the values of kindness and compassion.


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