Sweet Taste of Success

It’s that time of year when winter finally succumbs to the untamed breezes that point toward the blooming, buzzing season of warmth. It is, of course, these tempestuous days of still-cold nights and ever-warmer days that get the sap running in the maple trees. Buckets hanging on taps fill, and the boiling begins.

The earthy, sweet scent of maple syrup wafts from sugar houses across the Valley and the region, and parking lots fill with those in search of their annual fix of maple and pancakes, devoured amid the steam of sap bubbling its way to syrup.

It may be a subtle season compared to fall’s blast of color, but it’s no less a regional phenomenon that makes it clear you live in New England.

If you need a sticky fix of your own, here’s a list of a few of the many places that can lend a hand. Or at least a stack of pancakes.


Davenport Maple Farm, 111 Tower Road, Shelburne, (413) 625-2866.


Gould’s Sugarhouse, Mohawk Trail, Shelburne, (413) 625-6170, goulds-sugarhouse.com.


Hamilton Orchards, 25 West St., New Salem, (978) 544-6867, hamiltonorchards.com.


Hanging Mountain Farms, 188 North Road, Westhampton, (413) 527-3210, hangingmountainfarms.com.


High Hopes Sugarhouse, 1132 Huntington Road, Worthington, (413) 238-5919, highhopesmaple.com.


Maple Corner Farm, 794 Beech Hill Road, Granville, (413) 357-8829.


Mollison’s Windy Hill Sugar Shack, 1 West Sam Hill Road, Worthington, (413) 238-5378.


North Hadley Sugar Shack, 181 River Drive (Route 47), Hadley, (413) 585-8820, northhadleysugarshack.com.


Pomeroy Sugarhouse, 491 Russellville Rd., Westfield, (413) 568-3484, pomeroysugarhouse.com.


Red Bucket Sugar Shack, 584 Kinne Brook Road, Worthington, (413) 238-7710.


South Face Farm Sugarhouse, 755 Watson-Spruce Corner Road, Ashfield, (413) 628-3268, southfacefarm.com.


Steve’s Sugar Shack, 34 North Road, Westhampton, (413) 527-0294.


Warfield House Inn, Valley View Farm, 200 Warfield Road, Charlemont, (413) 339-6600.


Williams Farm Sugarhouse, Routes 5 and 10, Deerfield, (413) 773-5186, williamsfarmsugarhouse.com.


Author: James Heflin

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