The Albano Strikes Back

Fours days into Channel 40’s retrospective series on his administration—bearing the colorful name “Crime and Corruption: the Albano Years”—former Mayor Mike Albano is swinging back.

Yesterday on Facebook (and no, Albano and I are not Friends) Albano posted a message that was part self aggrandizement and part a shot over the bow of Channel 40’s owner, John Gormally.

Why don’t I just let Albano speak for himself here?:

“To My Facebook Friends—

“Over the years I have had many challenges in my public service career.

“For example, I took on corrupt agents in Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who tried hard to keep innocent men in prison for a crime they knew they did not commit. In this matter, I testified against the FBI and Office of the Massachusetts US Attorney in Court resulting in the largest civil award in the history of the United States against the government.

“I took on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so the employees of Springfield and their families could receive low cost prescription medications from Canada—which was featured on 60 Minutes.

“The Catholic Diocese tried, through implied political threats, to stop my Mayoral Executive Order allowing city employees with domestic partners to have health care benefits.

“Last year, I filed an action against the Governor over a Berkshire County District Court Judicial nomination.

“I have fought hard for polices and principles I believed in to advance the public interest. I have never shied away from a fight—ever.

“So now, I will take on a corrupt and unethical CEO of a television station.

“And, when the entire story comes out, you will be truly amazed of how some people in the news media operate. Trust me, it’s a fascinating story.

“The challenges with the FBI, Diocese and FDA—that was hard work.

“This one is going to be fun.

“Stayed Tuned. There’s a lot more to come.”

Channel 40’s week-long series has focused, so far, on convicted felons Frankie Keough, Gerry Phillips, Anthony and Chet Ardolino and the Asselin family. It caps off tonight with a spot focusing on Albano himself.

Author: On Springfield

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