Safety First: New England Patriots Safety and Sometimes Performance Artist Devin McCourty

Words can be misleading. In the early 1960s, (plastic) saxophonist (and sometimes trumpet player and violinist) and free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman performed at New York’s Town Hall. He was surprised to note, however, that many of those in attendance had showed up expecting to pay nothing for the pleasure of hearing his trio. After all, he had stuck posters reading “free jazz concert” all over the city.

Marty McFly had a similar experience when he attempted to order a Pepsi Free. You want a Pepsi, kid, the man behind the soda foundtain told him, you’ve got to pay for it.

In the video below, New England Patriots free safey Devin McCourty offers some “free saftey advice” to a random sampling of folks on the Boston Common. It is free. It is safety advice. And it is from a free safety.

Thankfully, there are no foot jokes.

Author: Free Sport

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