Doomed Saturday

Maximum Capacity has a mega metal lineup slated for Oct. 1 with 10 bands ready to rock. Bang your head, raise your fist, and stomp your feet for One Ton Tommy Gun, As Misery Fades, Begat the Nephilim, My Missing Half, Comatose, To Kill Again, and more. The 21-plus mayhem starts at 6 p.m., Saturday at Max Cap, 116 School St., Chicopee. Tickets are $10 before and $12 at the door.

O …

King Jackass is coming to town Sept. 29 to tickle some ribs. Steve-O is a stunt, gross-out comedian that rose to fame on MTV’s Jackass for breaking bones and squashing nuts in the pursuit of laughs. He’s survived all that and now tours as a stand up comic with a fierce following of bruhs. Check him out Thursday, 7:30 p.m. at the Hu Ke Lau on Memorial Avenue in Chicopee. Tickets are $27 and there’s no word on whether the front few rows are snot, blood, teeth, spit zones or not. Show is 21-plus.

Benefit for Claire Arenius

Musicians have organized a concert fundraiser for longtime local jazz drummer Claire Arenius following the passing of her life partner, Bob Laclair, in August. Thirty-four musicians will perform including Ricky Alfonso, Paul Arslanian, Jason Schwartz, Claire, Moonlight and Morningstar, Art Steele, Patty Carpenter, Eugene Uman, David Eure, Claire, Bob Weiner, Jason Robinson, Carl Clements, Ethel Lee, Greg Caputo, Eugene, Jamie MacDonald, Claire Mitch Siedman, and more. A minimum donation of $10 per ticket. Benefit concert is Thursday, Sept. 29, 6 p.m., at 121 Club in the Eastworks Building, Pleasant Street, Easthampton.

Author: Advocate Staff

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