Must Love Dogs: Dating Apps for Everyone

If you have a cellphone and the ability to access the internet,no one has to celebrate a Valentine’s day alone anymore. Now there is a separate outlet for specific needs to accommodate the growing culture of online dating. Want to find a date that definitely is into dogs? Twindog has your back. Whether you want to find love or to be entertained (like I was), here is the top 10 dating apps that you can download onto your phone.

Luxy — Described as “Tinder minus the poor people”, Luxy aims to match the elite with other wealthy people. Instead of showing common Facebook interests like Tinder, Luxy connects the 1 percent by showing what designers and high-end brands members are into and the potential sweetie like to show off their wealth with.

Twindog — Are you and your beloved dog lonely? Twindog allows you to meet other hot and single dog owners, as well as other couples and their pups. Instead of swiping through pictures of people, you swipe through different dog pictures in search of puppy love.

Farmers Only — It’s hard to find love in rural areas, often it’s hard to find anything other than farms. Farmers Only is a dating app for ranchers/farmers in rural areas who share ” good old-fashioned down-to-earth values.”

Glint — With Glint, love can be just a game. If you are someone who has a hard time striking up conversation, Glint provides puzzles and games as the icebreaker between its members. With Glint, “players” are welcome.

Sudy — Love is sweet, especially if your love is a sugar daddy. Sudy matches single women with “ millionaires and beautiful people.” The only downside is that for men with a sweet tooth, there is a maximum capacity of four sugar babies to each Sudy member.

Coffee Meets Bagel — Unlike Tinder, CMB aims to prevent opening lines suggesting a simple “Netflix and chill” by having a strong rating system paired with a matching algorithm. The weird part: the male matches are called bagels, which makes no sense outside of the fact that all bagels are good. Unfortunately, bagel preference is not a part of the matching process.

Sway — Sway connects people through picture and video messages. This app is perfect for people who do not mind face-to-face, but are too lazy to go to the local bar or even just outside.

Pure — Pure is for finding hook-ups, while simultaneously hiding the fact that you want to find hook-ups. Meant for down-low meetings, Pure allows members to play dirty while keeping clean.

Senior People Meet — Never retire from dating. Senior People Meet is the app to use if you are looking for a partner that is 50-plus, which is perfect for finding that special someone for assisted loving.

Author: Chance Viles

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