Best Eye doctor 2017 – Dr. Eric Dostal/Dostal Eyecare

Dr. Eric Dostal/Dostal Eyecare

Best Eye doctor

Best Eye doctor - Dr. Eric Dostal/Dostal Eyecare

Dr. Eric Dostal was voted best eye doctor by Advocate readers in 2016 and he continues to be ranked the Best for 2017 as well. Dr. Dostal, who started his practice 18 years ago in Springfield, then moved to Easthampton, said he likes to provide his patients with light conversation and laughter to help them feel at ease when they visit his office. He also works to innovate the practice by introducing new technologies such as digital eye exams. Dr. Dostal also offers blue light blocking lenses that reduce eye strain and blurred vision caused by devices such as LCD screens, and multifocal daily contact lenses that provide patients comfortability and clear vision.

2nd Place

Dr. Maribeth Erb/Optical Studio

3rd Place

Dr. Nancy Balin/Balin Eye & Laser Center

Author: Advocate Staff

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