Best Local bank 2017 – Florence Bank

Florence Bank

Best Local bank

Best Local bank - Florence Bank

There are lots of banks in which you can keep your money and apply for financing, but most of them are staffed by bottom-line focused corporate wolves. Not so with local banks — especially Florence Bank. The bank, founded in 1873, is best known for a commitment to customer service. “This is our top priority,” said director of marketing Monica Curhan. “On top of that, the bank and our employees are actively involved in the communities we serve.” The bank is particularly proud of its 15-year-old Customers’ Choice Community Grants Program. It works by asking customers of the bank to vote for their favorite nonprofit, which will then receive a grant on behalf of Florence Bank. Any qualifying nonprofit that receives 50 or more votes receives a proportional share of the funds. “The people that live and work in the Pioneer Valley are the best,” Curhan said. “They care deeply about their communities and each other. That’s why we will always be here for them.”

2nd Place

Easthampton Savings Bank

3rd Place


Author: Advocate Staff

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