Best Local mattress store 2017 – Yankee Mattress Factory

Yankee Mattress Factory

Best Local mattress store

Best Local mattress store - Yankee Mattress Factory

What’s really in your mattress? Raising this simple question is important, said general manager Nick Noblit, in order to confirm that even household items you take for granted are produced responsibly. “We’re all about transparency,” he said, “so that you know exactly which materials we use and where they come from — all within the United States. A lot of people respect us for that, and they keep coming back because of it.” Yankee Mattress Factory, which has won in this category eight years in a row, recently expanded its Damon Road showroom. Still, Noblit said, most of the company’s business is in repeats and referrals. The goal, he added, is “less-than-retail prices, a low pressure shopping experience, and exceptional customer service.”

2nd Place

Fly By Night

3rd Place

Mattress Firm

Author: Advocate Staff

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