Best Local radio personality 2017 – Monte Belmonte

Monte Belmonte

Best Local radio personality


Best Local radio personality - Monte Belmonte

It’s hard to keep track of where Monte is, and what he’s up to on a given day — the Turners Falls family man jumps from concert halls to city streets to far-flung locales, raising money for good causes, taking on heavy-lift projects like the renovation of the Shea Theater, and chatting up everyone on every topic from politics to wine to outer space. But during show hours, the Valley knows how good a listener Monte can be. “It really is an honor to be a community sounding board for everything that’s going on in the world,” he said. “People want to get involved by calling in or coming out. That’s the beauty of radio — it’s so in-the-moment, but it doesn’t lack empathy, like social media can. It’s important to me, and everyone, that the community is heard.”

2nd Place

Bax & O’Brien

3rd Place

Joan Holiday

Author: Advocate Staff

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