And To Think That I Saw It At Northampton Pride – Photos and 360 Video

The rain made way for the rainbows, as it always does.

Not half-an-hour after the thousands of rainbow shirts, flags, balloons, and all manner of rainbow apparel hit the streets to begin the Northampton Pride Parade on Saturday, the morning’s rain was a memory and blue skies prevailed.

The Advocate was there with a 360 camera borrowed from Northampton Community Television, and, of course, with my phone, too.

Without further ado, these are a few of the things I saw at Pride:

An arc of rainbow balloons heading the parade.

A brass band rehearsing next to a group of kids doing a dance routine.

People dressed as two humongous eyeballs.

Martial arts and an enormous puppet.

Umbrellas and flags galore (extra points if you can spot the baby with two rainbow flags)!

Shopping carts filled with fruits.

And finally… a baby playing with a banana!

What did you see???

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