Enough With the Hearts: What Mom REALLY Wants on Mother’s Day

Just a list of stuff any mother could love:

  • An opportunity to finish a book … in less than six months.
  • A box of tissues for those inevitable moments of disappointment in you (plus it’s allergy season).
  • Michelle Obama merch (“When they go low, we go high” tote bag, anyone?)
  • Silk pillow cases. (This is how she saves her hair from becoming a frizzy mess overnight.)
  • A crystal wine glass. (Just one; it’s the queen’s glass.)
  • Gift certificate for a massage, manicure, and/or pedicure.
  • Clean something.
  • Tell her all the ways you appreciate her in a card you make yourself. (That’s always appreciated.)
  • Concert tickets (and a babysitter to watch the kids).
  • Watch her favorite program and finally realize just how awesomely bad Bar Rescue really is.
  • A nice dinner, brunch, or lunch out with the family, but not necessarily on Mother’s Day. That move is a bit played out and restaurants are packed. Schedule a chill meal with mom another time during the week.
  • Movie passes, so she can be completely alone with no interruptions for a couple of hours — for once.
  • Handpicked flowers from the yard — your yard, not hers.
  • A trip to the local arts and craft store so you two can make an art project together.

What Moms DON’T Want

  • Cleaning products and/or vacuums. (It’s sweet that you want to make her life easier, but she will get far more pleasure out of watching you clean something than having the newest sponge on the market. Also, your mom ain’t your maid.)
  • Anything jammed with too many hearts and flowers decorations. (She is not your grandma.)

Author: Advocate Staff

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