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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Should the law be changed to allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy?

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Comments (4)
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Absolutely be Discharged in bankruptcy. And these loans should be interest free to begin with. In this country, where education is a national priority, to allow predatory lenders, and an inability to discharge this debt, when you can get an auto loan for 2.49percent or less is shameful. I know many couples with both members working who are at a standstill due to college loans.

Posted by Ross W. Hackerson on 7.31.13 at 10:01

Yes in certain situations. Or at least before bankruptcy let the principal debt be paid as an option before bankruptcy. My daughter, 27, AIC 2009 graduate with BS in nursing. No financial breaks because of mom and step dads median income. She and we are now paying $1100 per month on loans. Have not defaulted just deferred them here and there to her 3 year old having been born in 2010 with 5 congenital heart defects and having 4 open heart surgeries. Navy dad left them. She works nites as pedi nurse while i watch kids before my full time day job. Its working but its hard. She cant afford to be on her own. We dont want a free ride, just a little help where a hard working person can live a modest happy life

Posted by Cindy Sattal on 8.1.13 at 17:14

Yes, debt obligations should be discharged. Personal responsibility is for suckers.

Posted by PT Barnum on 8.4.13 at 5:37

Yes student loans should be allowed to be discharged in bankruptcy. Personal responsibility is great but when the ability to pay back the loans becomes difficult or impossible because the Banking Cartels make it most difficult due to high interest rates, and because the purposely manipulated economy by and for the Banking Cartels and weathly elite make up ways to allow jobs to go overseas, and not having another WPA, etc, etc. and people have great difficulty in making a living wage or even not being able to find employment, then we have a "Catch 22" situation. Catch 22 for those unfamiliar is a paradoxical situation in which an individual cannot or is incapable of avoiding a problem because of contradictory constraints or rules. Catch-22s often result from rules, regulations, or procedures that an individual is subject to but has no control over.

Posted by Ed Kaler on 8.7.13 at 8:19



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