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United Against Biomass; Men’s Rights or Wrongs?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

United Against Biomass

The Valley Advocate barely covered the Greenfield biomass story, but here you are, writing as though there is a divided opinion in Greenfield (“Biomass Plan for Greenfield Cancelled,” Aug. 15). Eighty-four percent of the voters in Greenfield voted against the project in 2010. This was a monumental grassroots effort and the town spoke clearly. I doubt very much that the sentiment has changed since then. Pioneer Renewable Energy’s Matt Wolfe was fighting to keep his options open with his special permit, presumably to sell to another developer. All the while, Greenfield and the thousands of biomass opponents were left holding their breath to see what he did next. We are all very relieved this is over.

Greenfield Recorder Editor Tim Blagg represents the very few who wanted this project. What Tim Blagg’s editorial did was expose his bias, showing why we sometimes had such a hard time getting coverage in the Recorder. I think that there is little doubt among the residents of Greenfield, and of Franklin County in general. Greenfield is a town strongly unified in it’s opposition to what Mr. Blagg referred to as small biomass facility, which in fact would have been one of the largest polluters in the state.


How often I think of the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s statement, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Mr. Blagg never took the time to do his homework, but fortunately, the incredibly committed residents of Greenfield did—and they prevailed in stopping this plant. We’ve been in the same struggle in Springfield. Not only do we have to prevent our air and climate from getting worse, we’ve got to undo as much of the already-done damage as we can. Nice going, Greenfield!


Men’s Rights or Wrongs?

What exactly was the point of publishing Cathy Young’s opinion piece (“What About Men’s Rights?” Aug. 15)? Has there been some recent egregious violation of men’s rights that needs attention? What purpose is served by comparing the plight of men to that of women even if there might be a need to pay more attention to men’s rights? Young seems to be unaware of the global epidemic of violence against women, which she comes close to trivializing by her concern for giving men’s rights equal time. She may think that feminists have obstructed men’s attempts to have their rights taken seriously but has she ever wondered why more men don’t join the struggle for women’s rights? No, she’d rather make a point of singling out feminists as being a large part of the problem. Don’t you have anything better to publish?


Cathy Young is an apologist to the feminist juggernaut. She, like many others, are about to get swept away by the winds of change. Either there is a going be a difficult [but peaceful] transition period where people are going to have to finally start listening to men’s voices and the men’s rights movement or there is going to be a total collapse of western society into violent revolution. It is that urgent and it is that bad.


It’s time to move beyond women’s rights and men’s rights and start talking about human rights. Like it or not, we’re all in this together.

Comments (3)
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