Clit Chat: 14 Clitoral Factoids to Know

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Factoid 1. The clitoris is the only part of the human body that exists solely for pleasure.

Other pleasurable spots like the nipples, neck, tongue and penis all have at least one other function.

2. The clitoris is bashful, only revealing one-fourth of herself outside the body—namely, the clitoral head and its fashionable hood.

The other three-fourths hide internally, including the clitoral shaft, urethral sponge, vestibular bulbs and the crura (aka the clitoral legs), which are housed inside the outer labia and can be stimulated with external pressure, causing many to moan "a little to the left."

3. We get hard-ons, too!

While we're developing in Mom's womb, our clitoris is formed from the same erectile tissues that would've been the glans and upper shaft of the penis.

So the aroused clitoris is basically an itty-bitty boner. Awwww.

4. Guys have no excuse for "finishing" faster than we do.

The clitoral head alone contains 8,000 nerve endings—4x as many as exist on the larger head of the penis, making it more sensitive than his entire kit 'n' kaboodle.

5. As if 8,000 weren't enough, the clitoris interacts with over 15,000 other nerve endings in the pelvis.

So why are we so freaking hard to get off sometimes, I ask you?

6. 50-75 percent of women must have clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

7. Clitoris size increases throughout a woman's life, growing 1.5x bigger during puberty. And after menopause, it can be 2.5x larger than it was when you were a teen.

8. Your clitoris is a snowflake... you can finish the cliché.

9. The famed, kinky "clit piercing" is actually rarely through the clitoris itself, as it's often too small and evasive to support the jewelry.

Usually, the hood is pierced either horizontally or vertically, with the latter being more popular because of its strategic, stimulating placement of the barbell.

Rumored to be the most cringe-worthy piercing, the procedure is actually comparable to that of an earlobe because of the thinness of the hood's tissue as well as the short, 1-4-week healing time.

10. The plural of "clitoris" is sadly not "clitori", but is "clitorises" in English or "clitorides" in Latin.

11. Compared to the rest of our dirty bits, the clitoris only has a handful of pet names, including chickpea, magic button, nubbin, hot spot, the sugared almond, bean, c-spot and—the most visual but probably the hardest to work into some dirty talk—the little bald man in the boat.

12. A turned-on clit is always easier to find...

13. ...but this doesn't mean the clit is always findable. If you just can't track down the coy little bugger, ask your doctor.

That's right—your doctor should know where it is (psst—it lives around the junction of the external labia minora...those are the little lips). It won't be too awkward—with feet in the stirrups, just say, "Hey, Doc—can you help me find my little bald man in the boat?" Piece of cake.

14. The clitoris is present only in female mammals.

While this makes it a sad day for Mrs. Komodo Dragon, Ms. Piggy has yet another reason to don her signature pearls.

I don't know why Mrs. Spotted Hyena is laughing so much, though, because she's the only mammal that has a super-sized clit, which she uses to urinate, mate and give birth—yikes!

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