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Children's toy store

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A2Z Science & Learning Store

57 King St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 586-1611
Parents sick of buying toys that bore a child after half an hour have made a perennial winner of A2Z, where toys have wit and teaching power and actually engage with the child. With games, traditional and avant-garde puzzles, construction toys, rocks, minerals, fossils and more, this is the place to go to shop for a concept, not just sink your money into a mainstream toy that will draw still more of your cash for accessories that soon adorn the trash can. A huge seller at A2Z is yo-yos, and the store has a national class yo-yo team; one A2Z alumnus has been ranked fourth in the world in yo-yo virtuosity.
2nd: The Toy Box
201 N. Pleasant St.
Amherst, MA
(413) 256-8697
3rd: Kiddly Winks
801 Williams St.
Longmeadow, MA
(413) 567-0688
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