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Modern Myths

34 Bridge St. #4
Northampton, MA
(413) 582-6973
From Archie and "boomer nostalgia" comics like Dr. Who and new Start Trek offerings to Japanese comic romances, Modern Myths offers a collection of comics and graphic novels that deserves the term encyclopedic. Modern Myths, its owners point out, is what is called in the trade a hybrid store, meaning that it deals in hobbies (Dungeons and Dragons, anyone?) as well as comics, and they're proud that, rather than being overwhelmingly a boys' store, the gender mix in Modern Myths' clientele is almost 50-50. Staff here take a thoughtful, analytical approach to this material as it morphs from film to novel to comic, and to the developmental issues it involves--for example, to the attractions, for young teenagers, of graphic novels dealing with characters who freely move from gender to gender.
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