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Portuguese restaurant

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Primavera Café Restaurante

257 East St.
Ludlow, MA
(413) 589-0562
Jack Nuno loves cooking for the patrons of his cozy, comfortable and popular restaurant, but he particularly loves the intimacy he has with his customers. He doesn't speak much English, he tells us through one of his Portuguese-fluent staffers, but he always understands what his customers are saying—because they're always smiling and gesturing appreciatively. While he would recommend any and all of the Portuguese cuisine on his menu, when pressed, Nuno acknowledged a particular fondness for the javali, or wild pork.
2nd: Tony & Penny's Restaurant
18 Canterbury St.
Ludlow, MA
(413) 583-6351
3rd: Europa Restaurant & Lounge
489 Granby Rd.
South Hadley, MA
(413) 539-2551
Also won: 2nd place, Place for tapas
3rd place, Mediterranean restaurant

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