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Thai restaurant

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Thai Garden

2 Bridge St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 587-3336

118 Main St.
Keene, NH
(603) 357-4567
Just under the bridge in downtown Northampton, the bright, golden facade of the Thai Garden welcomes lovers of four-alarm spice into its dark cozy interior, where diners can enjoy a wealth of Thai dishes, including their famed pad Thai and duck. Many dishes, including their coconut milk-based curries, are served to taste, from mild to hot, but a legion of faithful come to the Thai Garden for a mouth-scorching inferno that surpasses Thailand standards.
2nd: Siam Square Thai Restaurant
84 Pleasant St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 582-1817
3rd: Thai Corner
31 Boltwood Walk
Amherst, MA
(413) 253-1639

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