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Cafe Lebanon

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Southern/Cajun food

Chef Wayne's Big Mamou

63 Liberty St.
Springfield, MA
(413) 732-1011

15 Main St.
Williamsburg, MA
(413) 268-8901
Lucky Valley diners can now get their taste of Chef Wayne's Louisiana cooking in two places: the original Springfield location (a popular lunch and dinner spot) and a second restaurant in Williamsburg (which also offers Sunday brunch). The mouth-watering menu includes standards like crawfish, crab cakes, chicken etoufee, gumbo, jambalaya, sweet potato pie and pulled pork, as well as irresistible offerings like alligator-'n'-sausage, Aunt Millie's Five-Flavor Pound Cake and Louisiana Lenny's Sausage-'n'-Chicken Ya'Ya!! God Bless You!!, a boneless chicken breast wrapped around andouille sausage that deserves both its exclamation points.
2nd: Eastside Grill
19 Strong Ave.
Northampton, MA
Also won: 1st place, Restaurant
1st place, Restaurant for seafood
2nd place, Creative American fare restaurant
2nd place, Service/Waitstaff

3rd: Montenia's
137 State St.
Springfield, MA
(413) 739-9656
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