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Puffer's Salon & Day Spa

Well Worn

Tanning salon

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The Hot Spot

194 East St.
Ludlow, MA
(413) 547-8055
Yates Greenhalgh, owner of The Hot Spot, talks about what a tanning salon owner ought to talk about: skin. "We'll send a sunburned person home," he says. Computerized records of every client help track the length of exposure each one has experienced, because Greenhalgh doesn't want anyone to start in by absorbing rays too long. Check into the special bed that filters out burning rays and offers aromatherapy as you tan.
2nd: Darker Image
303 Walnut St.
Agawam, MA
(413) 789-0489

and various locations

3rd: Tan Quick
238 Bridge St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-2230

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