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Local ski area

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Berkshire East

South River Rd.
Charlemont, MA
(413) 339-6617
Berkshire East staffers John Herrick and Kate Carcio were all smiles—bright white against those late-ski-season tans—when they dropped by this year's Best of the Valley open house. The gem of a ski resort in Charlemont has had "a phenomenal year, even with the bad economy. We had a ton of new customers," said Herrick. With great terrain for experts and novices alike, a cool, family-friendly vibe, and an ever-expanding tube park, the Beast offers great value at the lowest prices around. Check Berkshire East's website and stay tuned for big news for the summer season.
2nd: Blandford Ski Area
41 Nye Brook Rd.
Blandford, MA
(413) 848-2860
3rd: Butternut
380 State Rd. (Rte. 23)
Great Barrington, MA
(413) 528-2000
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