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Place for yoga

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Mama Nirvana

384 Main St. (Rte. 10)
Easthampton, MA
(413) 527-7705

479 West St. (Rte. 116), Ste. 80
Amherst, MA
(413) 256-5444
Mama Nirvana has seen interest in yoga skyrocket of late, perhaps in response to increasing stresses from the uncertain world of recent economic realities. 2009 marks their 10-year anniversary in the Valley, and with two locations and teacher-training programs beginning in April, they're busier than ever. Fear, anxiety and stress are real things that the instructors at Mama Nirvana continually aim to help you control, master and eventually eliminate from your life, helping you replace them with balance, calm and self-comfort.
2nd: Heartsong Yoga
264 North Main St. (Rt. 83)
(413) 525-0720

3rd: VegaYoga & Movement Arts
4 Open Square Way, Studio 221
Holyoke, MA
(413) 519-4966
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