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Portuguese restaurant

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Primavera Café Restaurante

257 East St.
Ludlow, MA
413) 589-0562

Some chefs seem to approach cooking in a way that seeks to change, disguise, hide or overwhelm the natural flavors in natural ingredients. Not so at Primavera, where owner/chef Jack dblquoteRochadblquote Nuno brings an intimately personal touch to a traditional style of Portuguese cooking that honors the true flavors in the best cuts of meats, the freshest seafood and produce. Primavera's menu includes many Portuguese classics, such as Javali (grilled pork tenderloin steak), Bacalhau à Marinheiro (cod baked in a red sauce and topped with shrimp and scallops) and Carne de Porco à Alentejana (pork and clams served over cubed potatoes), as well as an extensive wine list. To Nuno's staff, the boss' unwavering demand for perfection in his kitchen and dining room is legendary. "He never serves a plate that he wouldn't eat himself," longtime staffer Nancy Teixeira says, paraphrasing her boss' oft-repeated words, "and he only cooks what he likes."

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