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Local ski area

Berkshire East

South River Rd.
Charlemont, MA
(413) 339-6617
Could anything top the snowy 2012-2013 winter at Berkshire East? Hard to count on Mother Nature, and so the Valley’s favorite ski resort—the fastest-growing resort in New England—didn’t count on her; instead, with power from the wind and water drawn from new retention ponds on the mountain, the Schaefer family and crew leaned hard on their deep investment in snowmaking and made enough snow to last two seasons. And then the skies opened up with dump after dump, making 2013-2014 one of the best seasons ever. This was also the year Berkshire opened its new lodge addition, including a magnificent new bar and restaurant, its handsome interior décor incorporating a variety of hard and soft wood cut and milled on the property, its taps carrying some of the best craft beer in the Valley, its smoker turning out savory fare that stokes the soul on a midwinter afternoon. Stay tuned, because with North America’s longest mountain coaster on the way, there’s much more to come from this independently owned and operated family resort.
2nd place
Blandford Ski Area
41 Nye Brook Rd.
Blandford, MA
(413) 848-2860
3rd place
380 State Rd. (Rte. 23)
Great Barrington, MA
(413) 528-2000
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