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Esselon Coffee


Place for romantic dining

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Blue Heron Restaurant & Catering

112 N. Main St.
Sunderland, MA
(413) 665-2102
See Best restaurant
Also won: 1st place Restaurant
2nd place Caterer
3rd place Service/wait staff
3rd place Wine list
2nd place
Alina's Ristorante
96 Russell St. (Rte. 9)
Hadley, MA
(413) 584-8000
Also won: 1st place, Service/wait staff
1st place, Restaurant for desserts
1st place, Italian restaurant
1st place, Wine list
2nd place, Place for appetizers/tapas
2nd place, Place for live jazz
2nd place, Restaurant
2nd place, Salads
2nd place, Place for martinis
3rd place, Place for soup
3rd place
Chandler's Restaurant at Yankee Candle Flagship
25 Greenfield Rd. (Rtes. 5 & 10)
South Deerfield, MA
(413) 665-1277
Also won: 2nd place, Wine list
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