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Nicky D's


Vietnamese restaurant

Miss Saigon

96 N.Pleasant St.
Amherst, MA
(413) 253-9988
For fans of Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines, Chef Vincent Tran’s extensive menu of Vietnamese delights will be a rich and wonderful discovery. The Pho is so yummy, it hardly seems to matter that it’s so good for you, and the Vietnamese subs (Bahn Mi) make a great meal to stay or go. Specialties such as Chicken Gra Paw and Vietnam Pad Thai show Tran’s playful side.
2nd place
Pho Saigon
400 Dickinson St.
Springfield, MA
(413) 781-4488
3rd place
Banh Mi Saigon
206 Russll St. (Rte. 9)
Hadley, MA
(413) 387-0668
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