Brian Glyn Williams
Brian Glyn Williams is Associate Professor of Islamic History at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Formerly he was professor of Middle Eastern History at the University of London. He is author of _Afghanistan Declassified. A Guide to America's Longest War_, _The Crimean Tatars, the Diaspora Experience and the Forging of a Nation_ and numerous articles on Islam and the Middle East. Dr. Williams has spent considerable time in the Islamic world and his field research includes: time spent with nomads descended from the Mongols in Kazakhstan, interviews with Kosovo Liberation Army commanders in Kosovo and Macedonia, travels in the Middle East from Turkey to Egypt, time spent in pre-war Bosnia, and most recently, he has lived with a powerful anti-Taliban warlord in northern Afghanistan where he interviewed Taliban prisoners. He has given talks at Harvard University, London School of Economics, the Naval War Academy, and Britain's premiere foreign policy think tank, the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Dr Williams currently writes on issues related to Al Qaeda terrorism for the Washington DC-based Jamestown Foundation's widely respected journal, the Terrorism Monitor and has served as a terrorism advisor for Britain's Scotland Yard. His articles and photographs from his travels can be found on his personal website.

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