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09.02.14 - 09.30.14
Hampden Gallery
Solo exhibit by Debora Stewart-Pettengill.
09.02.14 - 09.25.14
Visual Art Faculty Show
Taber Art Gallery
Featuring the works of fine and visual arts instructors including Tara Conant, Frank Cressotti, Beveryly Wodicka, and more.
09.03.14 - 10.04.14
2014 Landscape Exhibition
William Baczek Fine Arts
This annual exhibit features a several artists.
09.03.14 - 09.28.14
Alter Scape
A.P.E. Gallery
Work by artists Jesse Connor, Thorsten Dennerline, and Mikael Petraccia.
09.04.14 - 10.25.14
Mid-Century Craft: A Tribute to Ruth and Svetozar Radakovich
Folcwald Gallery of Sculptural Art
Jewelry and sculptural arts from the California Design movement couple.
09.04.14 - 09.28.14
Marjorie Portnow: Light in Landscape
Oxbow Gallery
Paintings from Massachusetts, California, New York, and Vermont.
09.05.14 - 11.30.14
The Rendezvous
Photography by Anja Schutz explores notions of masculinity.
09.05.14 - 11.02.14
Karen Kamenetsky and Jackie Abrams
Gallery in the Woods
Sculptural baskets by Abrams, inspired by the women of Africa. Fiber wall hangings by Kamenetsky inspired by cellular biology.
09.05.14 - 11.02.14
Richard Heller: New Paintings
Gallery in the Woods
Heller explodes out of the grid with new oil paintings based on the sphere defined by rich color layering and deep tracking or markings.
09.05.14 - 09.30.14
Perfect Imperfection
River Garden
A collaborative photography and spoken word exhibit featuring the work of Shanta L.E. and Liz LaVorgna.
viewing records 41 - 50 of 71
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Bigger, Bolder, Darker, Deeper
Anselm Kiefer turns to the dark side.
Stagestruck: Revisiting Vengeance
The Visit at WTF: A revenge drama with music
Fade to Gold
Zing, a small studio in Westfield, makes big records.
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I n September, 1859, a British man named Joshua Abraham Norton stepped out of the offices of the ...
Catching a Coyote
A Q&A with Valley and fellow Publishing Genius Press author Christy Crutchfield
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