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09.12.14 - 10.03.14
Explicit material
Oh My
The 3rd annual erotic art show featuring female artists: Amy Johnquest, Christina Gusek, Darlene Duncan, Elisha Shauer, and Nina Rossi.
09.12.14 - 10.05.14
Jeffrey Gatrall: A Year in Arcadia
Historic Northampton
A collection of twelve paintings by Gatrall documenting the seasonal changes on a farm near the Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary.
09.12.14 - 10.05.14
A Year in Acadia
Historic Northampton
Paintings by Jeffrey Gatrail depict the Acadia Wildlife Sanctuary throughout the year.
09.12.14 - 12.07.14
Walid Raad: Postface
University Museum of Contemporary Art
Lebanese artist explores Middle Eastern politics, culture, and economics.
09.13.14 - 09.30.14
Recipher: Coding With Collage
Ten artists, including Easthampton's Bronwen Hodgkinson, Greenfield's Heather Sky Fulton, Hadley's Lilliana Pereira, and Easthampton's Michael Sjostedt explore how collage can repurpose and reinterpret messages received in mass communication. At the MAP space.
09.13.14 - 10.12.14
Molly Cantor Pottery Studio
Andy Grant's impressionistic photos and Mona Shiber's sculptural hands.
09.13.14 - 03.15.15
Public Art Project: Jennifer Williams
University Museum of Contemporary Art
Williams' photographic collages capture the architectural history of UMass-Amherst.
09.14.14 - 10.31.14
Chair Dreams
Deerfield Arts Bank
Artists interpret chairs in all media.
09.20.14 - 10.13.14
Robert Strong Woodward - New England Landscapes
Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association
Paintings by Woodward.
09.20.14 - 10.13.14
Robert Strong Woodward: New England Landscapes
Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association
Paintings by Woodward (1885 - 1957) include farm houses, barns, and mountain views.
viewing records 61 - 70 of 73
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Bigger, Bolder, Darker, Deeper
Anselm Kiefer turns to the dark side.
Stagestruck: Revisiting Vengeance
The Visit at WTF: A revenge drama with music
Fade to Gold
Zing, a small studio in Westfield, makes big records.
Steaming Up a Phantasy
I n September, 1859, a British man named Joshua Abraham Norton stepped out of the offices of the ...
Catching a Coyote
A Q&A with Valley and fellow Publishing Genius Press author Christy Crutchfield
The Space Between
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