Pick of the Week
The Arts: A River of Music Runs Through It
This weekend, Wisconsin native-turned Valley local Jeffrey Foucault (pictured left) and his partner...
Writing War's Full Range of Emotions: The 1914 Christmas Truce
Writing War’s Full Range of Emotions: The 1914 Christmas Truce Kristina H. Reardon On Christmas...
Night Must Fall
I was recently reading a play – Nightfall by the Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith –...
One Day After the Winter Solstice
The rush to the shortest day has ended, although there’s still a day and a half of school left,...
With today's release of the details of Bush administration-sanctioned torturing, not to mention the...
Gearing Up at East Longmeadow's Competitive Edge with Seasoned Ski Bum Chip Smith
About a mile past the X on Route 83, after Donut Dip and Pasquale’s Restaurant and Tavern, just...
Northeast Underground's Best Albums of 2014
2014 was an unpredictable year for music. Female artists like Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, and Ariana...
On Christmas day I enact my most gratifying statement of rebellion against the dominant paradigm...
What’s the Right Pot for Me?
As Congress drops its ban on medical marijuana, the need for weed wisdom grows
News & Commentary
A History of Medical Marijuana in the U.S.
1850 — Marijuana is added to the U.S. Pharmacopeia. The Pharmacopeia was a public standards-setting...
Between the Lines: Turning a New Page
Meet the Advocate’s new editors
State Sen. Rosenberg Speaks Out
‘Partners talk to each other. It doesn’t mean they are influencing the final decision.’ — Stan Rosenberg
Scene Here: New Year’s Beats
A booming drumroll thunders off the walls. Six student drummers, seated in a row at one end of the...
From Our Readers
Sexual harassment cover was offensive I found the cover image of your recent issue (“Sexual...
arts and culture
Natural Manure
A new Springfield Armory exhibit examines the controversial Shays’ Rebellion and John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry
Mustaches and Monsters
Third Annual Lowbrow Art and Craft Fair ‘caters to the unusual’
Winter Arts Preview
A New Nutcracker As Christmastime makes its annual approach, many an audience braces itself for...
Stagestruck: Carving the Pie
Valley Gives: Golden opportunity or feeding frenzy?
Puppets and Potatoes
I n Britain and the Commonwealth, the day after Christmas is celebrated as Boxing Day — traditionally...
Stagestruck: Snarky Yule
TheaterWorks’ Christmas card is a holiday revenge fantasy
Cinemadope: Changing Pitch
A dark fable sings out
Cinemadope: The Spirit of Giving
Free movies and more
Greatest Hits
From Farm to Freezer
Liquid nitrogen expands market for local farmers
Between The Lines: Back Where I Came From
There’s no place like home
Sexual Harassment: Part of the Job?
Exploitation in the food service industry
Windy and Goliath
For one fired Walmart employee, the fight for workers’ rights has gotten personal
But Will They Come?
While many local ski resorts struggle, Berkshire East expands
One Stop Bar Hop
Tunnel Bar, Platform, The Deck and The Blue Goose unite to form Northampton’s newest hot spot
Dishes, Dinner, & Sex
The well-organized home life of a polyamorous Springfield family
Driving Distracted: What it costs
Think you can handle multitasking on the road? Don't be so sure.
Sidewalk Stories
A day in the life of downtown Northampton
The Fright Factory
With Easthampton space, DementedFX hopes to become the Disney of haunted houses
Better Later?
More joining the ranks in favor of a later start time for high schools
The Great Burrito Smackdown
Size matters, but big isn’t necessarily best
The Valley on Film
The Northampton International Film Festival offers plenty of homegrown talent.
Fall Arts Preview
A few of our picks for a festive fall
Autumn Extravaganza
New England struts its stuff at the Big E.
Ten Pin Alley
Rolling with the pros in Northampton
Oh My!
Turning on to the Valley’s hand-crafted kink
Chevrolet to Shakespeare
Even if you think you don’t know Cliff Eberhardt’s voice, you probably know Cliff Eberhardt’s...
Downtown Jazz
The Northampton Jazz Festival goes from music fest to downtown party.
The Bard’s Birthday Bash
Shakespeare & Company celebrates in style and substance.
Fade to Gold
Zing, a small studio in Westfield, makes big records.
Like A Cannonball
Northampton poet Mike Young’s new book, Sprezzatura, lands with a splash
Paved Road to Paradise?
Taking in the view from the highest peak in the state
First A Dancer
Rythea Lee combines music, dance and drama in Don’t Be A Dick.
The Space Between
A man in a baseball cap stares at nothing. He’s clutching paperwork. Down the bench from him,...
Armory for the Future
Reimagining one of Springfield’s historic treasures
The Mischief Man
Can Jamie Kent turn the music world on its head?
No Crying Over Spilled Milk
Valley dairy farms innovate to survive tough circumstances.
Real Talk
In violent times, Pastor Talbert Swan II calls on his community to stop waiting for reforms.
Can Music Pay?
The economic realities of making music in the Valley
A “Natural Fit”?
Attorney General candidate Maura Healey runs on a record of civil rights work.
Under One Roof
The Kanoujia family makes India House home.
Out-of-Pocket Pols
In the race to be governor, some candidates dip heavily into their own piggy banks.
When Workers Become Owners
Real Pickles charts an unconventional course
Bets or Ballots?
With support for casinos in question, opponents take their case to court.
The “Dangerous” Democrat
Can gubernatorial hopeful Don Berwick win with the hot-button issues of single-payer healthcare and casinos?
Of Peacocks and Patronage
Darren Waterston’s Mass MoCA installation “Filthy Lucre” explores the relationship between money and art.
Going Public
Hilltown families fight to keep their local school
Sanders for President?
Progressives call on Sanders to run for president as a Democrat
The Blowout and the Blarney
A week before St. Patrick’s Day, UMass students went over the top—and so did the media.
Casting A Spell
UMass’ Magic Triangle Jazz Series year 25
Northampton vs Casino
A casino in Northampton could cause a “downward spiral” in the city’s economy.
90 Days of BS
Pols aren’t the only ones we should hold accountable.
Birder's Paradise
A new photography exhibit by Greg Saulmon focuses on Holyoke’s urban wilderness.
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CD Shorts: Pat & Tex LaMountain
Rivers Roads & Bridges (independent)   Country music long ago jettisoned the...
Nightcrawler: The Elephant in the Newsroom
Jeff Daniels talks career elongation with the Crawler
Egg Nog Shocker
Dark horse nog takes first place in Valley taste test
Sparkling Wine Redemption
Mionetto Prosecco Brut Treviso, Italy, $10.95-15.99 Jaume Serra Cristalino, Brut,...
Madam Barfly: A Festival of (Getting) Lit
I , Madame Barfly, am here to help you with all of your booze-loving needs. As a nine-year veteran...
The Beerhunter
T hrow down your coasters and pull up your stools — there’s a new beer column in town....
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Best of the 2014 Readers' Poll Winners