Film Reviews & Coverage
Cinemadope: Mind Field
A scientist under the microscope
Cinemadope: The Spirit of Giving
Free movies and more
Cinemadope: Tingle All the Way
Sex ed, hobbits, and song
Cinemadope: Holly Daze
The holiday movie month
Cinemadope: Hammer Time
Mickey Spillane’s nuclear noir
Cinemadope: Cutting Humor
Doctors at war and at play
Cinemadope: Secret Passages
The revelations of Edward Snowden
Cinemadope: School of Thought
Philosophy for young minds
Cinemadope: Border Crossing
The Brattleboro Film Festival
Cinemadope: The Directors Share
Filmmakers discuss their films
Cinemadope: Curated Crazy
Oddities, rarities, and VHS
The Valley on Film
The Northampton International Film Festival offers plenty of homegrown talent.
Cinemadope: Radio Waves
Rock ’n’ roll, sea to shore
Cinemadope: Mix and Match
Unlikely alliances
Cinemadope: The Home Front
Building a nest, keeping an egg
Cinemadope: Exit the Theater
Movies in other places
Cinemadope: Local Flavor
A film shot in Shelburne returns.
Cinemadope: Snack, Attack
Restaurant reviews with a side of snark
Cinemadope: Bogie at 12 O’Clock
Exploring Casablanca
Cinemadope: French Twist
Living in Michel Gondry’s imagination
Cinemadope: Unholy Ghosts
Paying for the sins of others
Cinemadope: The Age of Innocence
A childhood on film
Cinemadope: Show and Tell
Making names in Hollywood
Cinemadope: Brother, Can You Spare A Million?
Funding films in the Internet Age
Cinemadope: Roger That
A critic remembered
Cinemadope: Kane, Able
Orson Welles revisited
Cinemadope: Dahl’s House
Celebrating a literary icon
Cinemadope: Night Talkers
Old story, new perspective
Cinemadope: Don We Now
The business of family business
A Joycean literary holiday
Disney’s Metaphorical Rape
If only Maleficent were the film it wants to be.
Cinemadope: Net Gain
An expanding cinema
Cinemadope: Sweet Relief
Our national sweet tooth
Cinemadope: Do-Over
A sequel does double duty.
Cinemadope: Eat and Greet
The food co-op movement
Cinemadope: Bat, Mitzvah
One pastime, many stories.
Cinemadope: Hero Worship
A cinematic tradition continues.
Cinemadope: Return Trip
River Kwai, revisited
Cinemadope: The Italian Job
Fellini on the big screen
Cinemadope: Gold Standard
The Oscars return.
Cinemadope: Going Dutch
Trying to crack Vermeer’s code
Cinemadope: Festival of Lights
The Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival returns.
Cinemadope: Wes Is More
Wes Anderson’s carefully crafted worlds
Cinemadope: Spring Ahead
Birth and rebirth
Cinemadope: Transformations
Frankenstein and a changing cinema
Cinemadope: Pushing the Envelope
Oscar season is upon us.
Cinemadope: Tooning In
A week of animated classics
Cinemadope: Child’s Play
A good time to be a kid
Cinemadope: Short Circuit
A documentary mini-festival
Cinemadope: It Never Gets Old
Kids’ movies for all ages
Cinemadope: Silent Pictures
Gone but not forgotten
Cinemadope: Sing Out
One performer’s unusual path
Cinemadope: Serve Cold
Revenge on screen
Cinemadope: Page Won
A sexual icon remembered
Cinemadope: It Takes a Village
The early days of the folk scene
Cinemadope: Nogging Off
Holiday treats and guilty pleasures
Cinemadope: Making a Move
Trips that tell a tale.
Cinemadope: A Claus Call
That holiday magic
Cinemadope: Capturing Nixon
A president in 8mm
Cinemadope: Northern Lights
A visit to Vermont
Cinemadope: Hammer Time
A god gets his sequel.
Cinemadope: East Meets West
A treasure trove from East Germany
Cinemadope: Mourning in America
A national loss in letters
Living Legends of the Dead
Paranormal journalist Jeff Belanger’s New England Legends premiers on PBS Springfield.
Cinemadope: Think Global, Screen Local
A film festival comes home.
Cinemadope: Beyond Sesame Street
To say that Jim Henson had an influence on my childhood is like saying the Beatles had an influence...
Cinemadope: A New World
Babies on film
Cinemadope: Ashfield of Dreams
A local film festival
Cinemadope: Short but Sweet
A worldwide film festival
From Mass. to Mumbai
Visual effects guru Jeffrey Kleiser talks Hollywood, Bollywood and extreme telecommuting.
Cinemadope: Getting in Gear
A drive-in evolves.
The Catcher Caught
A literary legend, J.D. Salinger, uncovered
Cinemadope: Alive and Kicking
A martial artist’s biography.
CinemaDope: Getting the Message
A new documentary with unusual roots
Cinemadope: Swing Era
Baseball on film
Making the Cut
A film made of films
Beyond Silverlake
At Hampshire College, a second life for filmmaker Tom Joslin’s 1970s footage
Cinemadope: 15 Minutes
Our thirst for fame
CinemaDope: Sticks and Stones
The power of the word
Reporting on evil
CInemadope: Mideast Crisis
A sister’s choice
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