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Gilded Memories
T he Mount, Edith Wharton’s summer home in Lenox, is now a museum that preserves memories of...
Stagestruck: Snarky Yule
TheaterWorks’ Christmas card is a holiday revenge fantasy
A Festive Family
H ome for the Holidays is more than the Theater Project’s annual holiday-season variety...
Season’s Creepings: A John Waters Christmas
A John Waters Christmas at the Calvin Theatre
The Other John Hodgman
In a new comedy show, the part-time Valley resident plays himself
Being a writer is only half the battle in the competitive story slam world.
StageStruck: When Reality Nibbles
The Majestic’s Harvey gives a comic lesson in rational fantasy
Grimly Comic
T he plots that W.S. Gilbert contrived for the comic operas he wrote with Arthur Sullivan often turned...
Stagestruck: An Unforgettable Separation
Wartime love letters trace a couple’s coming of age
Stagestruck: A Curious Constellation
Five College stages offer a concurrent feast of Shakespeare.
A Theater of Moxie and Renown
Nobody's Girl resurrects history with a screwball spin.
The Distaff Side, part 2
Our red-faced critic corrects a gender assumption.
New England Landfall
The hurricane that devastated southern Louisiana in 2005 has become a symbol of human folly, injustice...
Stagestruck: The Distaff Side
The region’s stats on women playwrights and directors aren’t pretty.
Overture and Finale
Three summers ago, Kali Quinn brought her one-woman—no, three-woman—show, Overture to...
Weaving a New Myth
It’s a fairy tale (for grownups only) about a traveling circus (down on its luck), “weaving...
Josie and Mosie Make Ha-Ha
Improv and stand-up are two sides of the comedy coin, the one conjured out of thin air from crowd suggestions...
Cultural Fusion
Sheng Dong is a Taiwan-based troupe whose name means “A Moving Sound”—a fitting moniker...
When (Subatomic) Worlds Collide
I n September 1941, as Nazi Germany consolidated its hold on most of Europe, two of the century’s...
Stagestruck: Bound for Glory
A musical biography captures Woody Guthrie’s songs and spirit.
The Bard’s Birthday Bash
Shakespeare & Company celebrates in style and substance.
One Woman, Seven Lives
“ Guess what this is that I’m drawing,” says six-year-old Velda. “It’s...
Stagestruck: “Stories” by the “Hatful”
Two plays plumb explosive issues of friendship and family.
Stagestruck: What I Liked Best
Memorable moments from summertime kids’ shows
First A Dancer
Rythea Lee combines music, dance and drama in Don’t Be A Dick .
Arabian Nights and Twilights
Double Edge Theatre’s summertime series of family-friendly “traveling spectacles”...
40 Whacks
“Lizzie Borden took an axe…” goes the rhyme, and it’s almost like a grisly...
“What Excites You”
A day in the life of New Century Theatre
Topical and Timeless
Silverthorne Theater Company, the newest entry on the Valley summer theater circuit, is starting small,...
StageStruck: Love and Care
At Chester, theater that embraces complexity
Stagestruck: Anne and Julius
Shakespeare & Company compacts Caesar and imagines Hathaway.
Breaking Boundaries
The country’s oldest dance festival is still acting like a youngster. This summer’s lineup...
New Comedy 2-nite
Y ou’d think two sets of identical twins running around Ephesus, mixing up everything and everybody,...
Breaking the Silence
You wouldn’t expect a show its makers describe as “funny, witty, and honest” to be...
The Emily Variations
In the manuscripts of Emily Dickinson’s poems are often found lists of words and phrases—variations...
Fireworks in the Basement
The “it” in the expression You Can’t Take It With You usually refers to money,...
Live on Screen
T his season, as Britain’s National Theatre marks its 50th anniversary, the company also celebrates...
Elder Rites
This week sees the culmination of an adventurous three-week process led by the French choreographer...
Unhidden Harmony
“We’re trying to get the most visual bang for the smallest spatial buck,” says Alan...
Making Way for the New
W hen the play Skyscraper hits the stage this week, it offers one intriguing resonance with reality,...
Stagestruck: The Italian (Dis)Connection
Our critic admits that he’s a philistine.
Building With Thought
F or Alonzo King, a piece of choreography isn’t just a dance. It is instead a “thought...
Secretive Bamboo
For a lot of people, spring’s arrival calls for dancing. This week, the Lisa Leizman Dance Company,...
Laugh Lines
T hree comedy acts in a row are lining up for performances in Springfield this week and next. First...
Knocking Down the Pins
Comedian Brian Regan on the challenges of getting a laugh
A Moveable Mud Season Feast
T he Royal Frog Ballet (pictured) is a Montague-based “amoeba of collaborators” who are...
There’s A Place for Us
I n fair Verona, where Shakespeare lays his scene, Romeo and Juliet kiss on a balcony while the young...
Ogres and Cheerleaders
W hen straight, responsible Agnes comes across the gaming module left behind by her dead alpha-nerd...
Dark River Journey
Singing an unsung civil rights heroine
To Dream the Impossible
Two shows at Springfield’s Symphony Hall this weekend represent classic points on the entertainment...
Stagestruck: Contrary Cowards
Two quite different plays from the same witty pen
Stagestruck: Money Talks
A new play discusses women’s relationships with legal tender.
Academy Mystery Tour
L ast spring, the front-of-house manager at the Academy of Music discovered an old cardboard box containing...
Raunchy Radio and Geeky Burlesque
N orthampton’s Academy of Music is currently developing an original play set in the 1940s, based...
Morgan Unfiltered
There will be no apologies for what happens at the Hu Ke Lau Feb. 28.
Stagestruck: Invidious Comparisons
Local theaters can outshine their big-budget rivals.
Stagestruck: Unhappy Families
…make good drama in two domestic tragedies on local stages.
Stagestruck: Calling Out Around the World
V-Day gives women activists a brand new beat.
Stagestruck: Mismatched Marriage
One scene, half scripted, half improvised, totally hilarious
Stagestruck: Hamlet, Prince of Gangland
A French theater finds the laughs in Shakespeare
Stagestruck: Girls Will Be Boys
…and vice versa, in two gender-swapping productions
It’s a Wonderful, Live
I t’s a Wonderful Life is as hardy a staple of Christmastime entertainment as A Christmas...
Summer Sizzle
In Stick Fly , conflicts over race, class and privilege simmer and then boil over. Lydia R. Diamond’s...
Playing for Time
T otal verrückt is the German equivalent of “stark raving mad.” It was the ironic...
Stagestruck: Gobsmacked by History
A new play dissects game-changing assassinations.
Shining a Light on History
Recalling a time of revolutionary turmoil and religious frenzy in mid-17th-century England, Caryl Churchill’s...
Samurai, Shinto and Sake
They start the day with a 16-mile run, followed by rehearsals on a veritable orchestra of Taiko drums....
Physics and Chemistry
WAM Theatre exists on two levels: to produce work that foregrounds women playwrights and performers,...
Downstairs Upstairs
Your typical tour of a historical mansion invites you to see the house through the eyes of its wealthy...
Ira Glass
The creator of This American Life comes to town for a one-man show.
Collateral Damage
“There’s only three things the guys let you be if you’re a girl in the military—a...
Stagestruck: Real Live Theater
The National turns 50, and Womb-Words thirsts.
Page to Stage
The first “issue” of Live Art Magazine! , a new, annual stage venture with the shape and...
Maher Stands Up
The comedic commentator comes to Springfield’s Symphony Hall.
Alien Aerobics
The societal standards we often consider iron-clad—what is familiar, normal and what is “other”—are...
Spring in the Fall
In 1913, composer Igor Stravinsky and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky electrified the ballet world with...
Stagestruck: Four to Go
Valley colleges open their theater seasons
What Goes Around
At the end of Lorraine Hansberry’s precedent-shattering play A Raisin in the Sun , the Younger...
Art in Unexpected Places
The third annual Double Take Fringe Festival romps through a variety of underused spaces and architectural...
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