Best Hamburgers 2018 – Local


Best Hamburgers

Best Hamburgers - Local

It’s late at night and you’re hungry. You’re thinking big juicy burgers and tasty fries. You’re thinking Local. In business for nine years now, Local serves up delicious late-night food. Try the Juicy Lucy for a melty cheeseburger love affair. If burgers aren’t your thing, go for the Captain Crunch Dog, which is exactly what it sounds like, but better because it’s deep fried. The Amherst and Northampton burgers are among the options for non-meat eaters. And Local believes in local, using local produce and grass-fed beef from the Chicoine Family Farm in Easthampton. “No one cares more than we care,” says Jeff Igneri, the chef/owner/operator at Local. “We have a great staff that take pride in their work.” In the near future, Local will have a mobile food truck servicing the area, which Igneri says he loves to serve. “People here appreciate what we do and we appreciate them.”

2nd Place

Riff’s Joint

3rd Place

Black Cow Burger

Author: Advocate Staff

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