Best Roofer 2018 – R.C.I. Roofing

R.C.I. Roofing

Best Roofer

Best Roofer - R.C.I. Roofing

Everyone who lives in the Northeast knows how difficult the weather can be, but luckily R.C.I. Roofing has got you covered. R.C.I. has been in Southampton for 20 years now and Office Manager Shelley Thompson says that the owners are a big part of what makes the business a success. “The owners, Chris and Mark, are very hands-on with both the daily operations and customer service,” Thompson says. Thompson says that doing things by the book is important to them, so they are continuously updating their procedures to ensure safety and efficiency. “Though the New England weather can be difficult in this line of work, the people in the Valley make up for it,” Thompson says.

2nd Place

Florence Roofing

3rd Place

Adam Quenneville Roofing

Author: Advocate Staff

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