House of Carters brings the pain

I just sent in a short Q&A on the House of Carters, the new reality show from E! that reality-fies the lives of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his four siblings as they live together in one house for the first time in a long time.

You’ll get my brief take on the show, and the family, in next week’s paper, but here’s a nice post I found with the help of Google’s neat-o blog search engine.

It’s from The Modern Age:

Ok, you totally need to watch at least 5 minutes of House of Carters, because it will be the most dysfunctional white trash yelling you will ever witness. That show is just a giant train wreck, and it was only the season premiere! All I saw was Nick Carter screaming and getting into a fight with Aaron Carter because Aaron was up late playing music and then all of a suddent Nick starts railing on Aaron for going out with Paris Hilton right after he told him [Aaron] that he broke up with her? Apparently he found a picture of Paris on Aaron’s phone–taken in HIS Cadillac!

Dude, I don’t know how all of that makes sense, or what that had to do with Aaron playing music loud, but it was a giant windstorm of CRAZY. And now I fully realize how bad Aaron Carter’s obsession with his brother is. I mean dating your brother’s ex is creepy once, but TWICE (and then proposing after 5 days–then breaking it off!!!!)? That is super insane.

Then Nick wouldn’t give money to his sister to fly and take care of their estranged mother, so she was yelling at him telling him he was a bad person. Seriously, it’s some of the most MESSED UP crap you will ever watch.

"Giant windstorm of crazy" is nice. I’m going to have to steal that.

Also, here’s a link to the clip of Nick handing little bro’ Aaron a friendly Backstreet beatdown. It’s not funny. It’s sad. But it’s good TV.

Author: Dear Dexter

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