Think Outside the Vase

Open any bridal magazine and you will see dozens of photos of gorgeous centerpieces. There will be large towering arrangements and short compact ones. Some will be monotone and some will be pop with color. Their shapes will all be different, and they include every type of flower you can imagine. No one can deny these arrangements are beautiful. You may even have already given some thought to the type of floral centerpieces you want at your own wedding. But before you go any further I want you to consider NOT having floral centerpieces.

You might thing I’ve gone crazy. After all, how could you not have a lovely arrangement of the perfect decor-matching flowers at each table? If you already have the exact image in your head and you know you don’t want anything else, that’s great. I just want to let you know that there is a world of centerpieces outside of flowers. Not only that, but they can be just as beautiful and far more creative. You can come up with ideas to match any colors or theme. It may even end up costing less than traditional centerpieces.

I hope I have you intrigued. If so, here are a few ideas to you started thinking. Candles make lovely centerpieces. You can use antique candelabras, a cake stand holding several colorful votives, or a cluster of different sized pillar candles on a mirror or silver tray. For an Asian inspired wedding consider a small rock garden with tea lights or Bonsai trees. A tropical theme might call for shells in glass bowls filled with sand. A selection of wine bottles clustered together would be a nice match for a vineyard wedding.

There are a lot of interesting seasonal ideas as well. For an autumn wedding you could use cornucopias overflowing with fruit and vegetables, wooden bowls filled with fresh apples, or stalks of grain bundled together and tied with ribbon. Pumpkins and pine cones would also be appropriate elements to tie in. For a wedding during the holiday season you might want to do unique jars filled with candy canes or simple poinsettia plants.

Some other interesting ideas include wheat grass grown in aluminum pots, hat boxes stacked big to small and tied with ribbon, small wedding cakes, balloon arrangements, paper lanterns, framed photos, fishbowls with fish in them, and snow globes.

There is nothing wrong with choosing traditional floral centerpieces, but try and be open-minded. Don’t only consider flowers, but also fruit, candles, shells, containers, and any other object that offers texture or beauty. If chosen carefully, centerpieces can accentuate the theme of your event and help set the mood. And the options are endless.

Need more ideas? Just ask! Because from ‘I will’ to ‘I do’ I’m here for you.

Author: Miss I Do

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