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Rachel Maddow is funny. She has great hair and pretty, subtle makeup. The low-button stances of her suits hit just the right spot to flatter her figure and look casual without being sloppy. I'm glad she's on television. She has established herself as the only female newsertainment powerhouse in a genre that has, until now, included only the likes of John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Keith Olberman on one side and Bill O'Reilly on the other.

Maddow is a woman with good hair, makeup, and clothes. I bet she has people help her with that. We'll call them stylists, or, oh wait, what about "handlers." In that sense she is like Sarah Palin. But I doubt Maddow's wardrobe (or that of her significant other's) is under scrutiny. There may be another way the two women will be alike; apparantly, Palin may be casting the line to hook a show of her own, one that will rise above the elite, unfair, culpable-like, media-ish eliticism. Or sink below, since rising above the elite would make you, like, super-elite.

I know it's not realy fair or nice of me to point out, but Palin's hair looks crazy in this video:

Author: Cherchez La Femme

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