Bridal Emergency Kit

Most brides spend months planning the perfect wedding and taking care of all the details involved. Unfortunately, no matter how well prepared you are, you will likely encounter a snag or two on your big day. Don’t worry, these are usually minor; I’m not trying to scare you! If you hired a wedding consultant, it will be his or her job to handle any problems that arise. But even if you won’t have a professional there to help you, there is still a way you can make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Every bride should have a “bridal emergency kit” with her on her wedding day. This kit contains a variety of common items that can help you overcome obstacles that you may encounter. You probably have a lot of these items laying around your house, and the others you can purchase for little money. Use the list below to assemble your bridal emergency kit. It is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure that your wedding happens just the way you’ve always imagined. You probably don’t want to be the one to have to remember to bring it with you, so put someone else in charge. Your maid of honor might be a good choice for this.

Your kit should contain some items to help you with decorating and fixing things that may break, such as tape (clear, double-sided, and masking), scissors, a hot glue gun, hammer and nails, tacks, and safety pins. It is also important to have beauty items on hand for yourself and those in your wedding party. Good things to bring include a small sewing kit, a first aid kit (with Band-Aids, anti-bacterial solution, and aspirin), an Emory board and clear polish, nail glue, bobby pins, hair spray, extra nylons, tissues, tweezers, stain remover, and baby wipes. You may also want to include floral tape, corsage pins, and lots of ribbon in your wedding colors. If your wedding is taking place outside bug spray and sunscreen with also come in handy.

These basic items should help you with many of the small issues that may arise during your wedding. (They won’t help with getting your wedding party to the church on time or making sure your fiancé’s ex doesn’t crash the reception. Sorry but those tasks fall entirely on your shoulders!) Now you can relax a little more and enjoy your special day without worry.

Until next time, from “I will” to “I do” I’m here for you.

Author: Miss I Do

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