Grandma Palin and the Baby Train

Bristol Palin's controversial pregnancy has come to a head. Continuing the Palin trend of obnoxious, made-up baby names, Bristol dubbed her son Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Baby Tripp–who sounds like he could grow up to be either a country singer (the kind that wears a microphone affixed to his head instead of standing in front of one), a serial killer, or some strange hybrid of the two, conveniently outfitted with a font of multi-syllabic names from which to choose his aliases–was born on Dec. 28.

Apparently, the eighteen-year-old Bristol landed somewhere around $300,000 from People magazine for exclusive pictures of the infant. I find this practice of bidding on baby pictures to be a bizarre practice. Why are we so interested in the procreation of others? Is it like Christian porn–an acceptable way to view sex, by not viewing it even though, obviously, it occurred? Why are these people and these people famous?

Author: Cherchez La Femme

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