SoundCheck: Tranquil

The band Sylphid creates airy soundscapes full of wobbly electronic sounds, snippets of static, bells, and droning chords. At other times, more conventional instrumentation enters the mix, though still in dreamy style. Their intriguing, slightly disorienting combination is not noise, neither is it conventional rock or even New Age, though elements of all join the fray.

The three members—Cora Rose Gaulin, Eon Fontes-May and Adam Kozak—call Sylphid "an alternately ecstatic and tranquilizing venture," which hits the nail squarely on the head.

If those three names sound familiar, it's because they are also The Cheaters Club. Under that moniker, they call themselves "electro-sludge downers."

No matter the handle, the Northampton-based trio is prolific: they say they've recorded (and hand-packaged) 10 EPs since they began the new venture in February.

Author: James Heflin

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