Fist Fright: A reader's question answered

Dear V-Spot,
I am willing to bet I have a question that probably doesn’t come up very often, if ever. My boyfriend and I recently starting experimenting with “fisting.” It is such a turn-on to me that I have some of the most powerful orgasms ever while he has his hand inside of me.

 I’ve noticed that, when I do have an orgasm, his hand, for lack of a better explanation, seems to get sucked into me farther than before the orgasm. If I can get off again, his hand goes in a little bit farther. What happens to my body during this time that causes his hand to disappear up to his wrist? We have been doing this more lately, as I am trying to figure out what is going on in there. Any explanation you can come up with would be appreciated.

Thank you,

A fan from Westfield, Mass.


Wow, Westfield Wonder Woman—
It sounds like you and your boyfriend have really been toiling away with your fisting research! You say you’ve “been doing this more lately” because you’re “trying to figure out what is going on in there”? Sounds tough, W.W.W..

Multiple “most powerful orgasms ever” must be really difficult. I hate to picture you and your boyfriend fisting away, desperately searching for an answer to your truly unfortunate orgasmic hotness, so I got on researching this question right away.

I’m sure that when you Googled “fisting” (if you even had time to do so!), your search results were much like mine—a few basic how-to articles, a lot of crappy porn and many charming Jersey Shore references, but no word on why your vagina refuses to give up your boyfriend’s hand.

Too technologically dependent to go to a library, I consulted Good Vibration’s sex educator Dr. Charlie Glickman to help me solve this mystery of the vaginal vacuum.

If you’re really a fan of the column as you say you are, W.W.W., you’d remember some bad analogies made in the column “Easy A” relating the A-spot (a pleasurable point located in the back of the vagina) to a mansion’s driveway and the post-orgasmic opening of the vaginal canal to finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (I know, not my best work). Well, apparently I didn’t just make this up, because according to Dr. Glickman, this does happen, and for biological reasons.

During orgasm, the muscles in the vagina ripple and contract, pulling a penis or fingers further into the vagina, resulting in deeper penetration and, in a biological sense, bringing the tip of the penis (and therefore its semen) closer to the cervix for maximum fertilization positioning.

In the case of fingers, dildos and penises, this post-orgasmic, deep penetration is more easily achieved because there is enough empty space around these manageable objects for air to flow in and out, which creates adequate room for your penetrative object du jour to move deeper.

However, because a fist is so much larger than a penis or fingers, air flow is hindered in a way that can result in a vacuum effect, which is why your vagina literally sucks in your boyfriend’s hand.

I assure you, this is nothing damaging or hazardous, but it can make removing your boyfriend’s fist more difficult after these multiple “most powerful orgasms ever” you speak of. When you’re ready to remove his fist, or if you want to reduce the squeeze, simply slip an outside finger between his wrist and your vaginal opening to break this vacuum seal and promote more airflow, which will decrease suction and make pulling out easier.

To prevent future fistfests in the name of research, I recommend you read fisting manual A Hand in the Bush by Deborah Addington. As I’m sure your question has sparked fist fever in other readers, next week I’ll tackle fisting for beginners. But don’t worry about reading that one, W.W.W. I’d hate to bore you with beginner tips, and besides, I’m sure you’ll be up to your wrists (or maybe even your elbows) in testing my findings.

Yana Tallon-Hicks

Author: Yana Tallon-Hicks

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