Behind the Beat: From Shower to Stage

A little singing in the shower spawned the formation of Palmer alternative rock band Mass Theory.

On a family vacation to Canada, guitarist Mark Roy heard longtime pal Tim Messier belting out a tune while scrubbing up, and realized that the two could make a dynamic musical team.

Mass Theory, officially founded in early 2009, was rounded out by subsequent recruits, including Tim’s brother Josh on drums, Travis “Zell” St. Peter on bass, and Pat Collier on second guitar.

The group has spent the last year pouring all its energies into honing its craft and making new fans.

“We want to connect with people,” says Tim. “I grew up listening to the bands that I personally love, and I feel a connection to those bands on a deeper level than just the music. I can draw from it and reflect from it as a person, and I would like to connect with people and our fans in the same way.”

The quintet has worked collaboratively on songwriting of late, with many tunes arising from jam sessions.

“Traditionally, when we write, the songs will start with me and Josh jamming on a song,” says Roy. “We’ll come up with this mishmash& and Tim will come in and compose the parts and turn them into a cohesive unit.”

The group’s writing and recording efforts have resulted in a soon-to-be-released debut EP, which was recorded at Rotary Records in West Springfield with Warren Amerman, who helped the band create and harness the precise sound they wanted.

“[The EP] feels like a breath of fresh air,” Roy says. “We have matured to the point where we have songs that are worthy—meaning we have songs that we love and people are responding to, where before, we’d have songs that we loved that other people just wouldn’t respond to. It feels like we made it, insomuch that we’ve gotten to the point where we can connect with the crowd, [and we have] people coming up to us and asking us about when our next show is.”

“When we are out playing the songs that are on our EP, we are finding that people, our fans, are responding to it more than the covers we play,” adds Tim. “It’s an incredible feeling.”

The band is inspired by the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Tool and Dave Matthews Band, and, like those artists, the members of Mass Theory hope to ultimately quit their day jobs and make music their full-time vocation.

Mass Theory hosts a CD release party Oct. 22 at Crossroads Route 20 Sports Bar and Grill in Palmer. The band describes the event as a “fan appreciation night.”

“We want our fans to come out, have a few drinks on the band, see a show, and just have a great time with us,” says Tim. “Five dollars gets you a few drinks on the band, our EP, a show, a DJ and a night to party and hang out with the band.”

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Author: Matthew Dube

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