Food For Thought and other stupid puns

I don’t really care if you want to abstain from consuming meat; that’s a personal choice people make. Me, I love meat and find no ethical problems with sitting at the top of the food chain. Other people might disagree, which is fine.

What we should really unite over is a shared outrage over the utter insanity that PETA chokes up for public consumption.

Their latest work is below.

(theme from Jaws)

I have trouble following them here.

I never considered the majestic Great White Shark to be a deep sea vigilante. Is this shark, possibly the super shark of the Jaws movies, sticking up for his land-bound brothers of the nature kingdom? Are we to assume that all sharks will soon join, leaving our beaches unsafe for all swimmers?

This also begs the question: does an attacking shark just kind of know that someone’s vegan? Has a vegan ever been attacked by an animal, or do the animals just smell the vegan on them and wait for a carnivorous human to come along?

Kind of like in Alien 3, where you know Sigourney Weaver is done for when the alien is inches away from her, only to leave her, aware that she’s carrying an alien queen in her chest?

If I was as smart (or mentally disturbed) as the people at PETA, I wouldn’t be wasting my time blogging from my parents’ basement with these questions.

Author: Affluent White Male

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