The Music of Summer…80s Style

There are songs that take you back to a certain point in time so clearly that you can practically feel the Dippity Do crunching in your hair. Some take you back in a good way:

And some, not so much:

Why is one so much better than the other? Well let’s see. Phil Collins winking at crazy mullets in a fake club versus….Chevy Chase. And a self-effacing genius who we’re still talking about today.

That’s summer radio for you. I’m still waiting for the song that will define this year. By that I mean every time I turn on the radio it’s on (Rolling in the Deep, anyone?), and I’ll remember where I was and what I was doing only because I can’t get the strains of it out of my head. Not that we’ll still be discussing its impact 25 years from now. If anyone has that one figured out I’d love to hear it.

Author: Sitting On The Baby

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