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“We know the human heart is a substandard product.”

-Josh Marshall of TPM, talking about his frustration with the “conversation” (about mass shootings) that ends up going nowhere

What, indeed, is it about the U.S. that makes us home to a terrible number of these incidents? They happen elsewhere, of course, but not as often as here. Probably, whatever talk there is in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy today, it will fall out to the usual two camps, one marked by extremism (“Arm everyone!”), the other by pre-emptive non-extremism (“Maybe we should consider trying to make sure the insane can’t get assault weapons, but of course everyone else can own whatever they want, and I don’t mean to say that anyone shouldn’t be allowed to pick up a couple of AKs at the gun show”).

Neither, of course, will take away this particular problem. Maybe part of the answer lies in more readily available, less stigmatized mental health care?

Not that I think I’m necessarily right. If any answer becomes readily evident, I’m sure most all of us would endorse it forthwith.

James Heflin

Author: James Heflin

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