Magical Memories: Michelle & Glenn Provencher

Our magical moment from our wedding day on September 21st, 2012 is a funny one.  The entire day was surreal but there is one moment that sticks out to us and, we’re sure, many of our guests as well. The ceremony itself was so beautiful. It was 5 o’clock in the evening and the sun was streaming magically through the windows.  Twelve years after we first started dating, we were finally saying our vows to each other. We got so lost in the moment that we did not hear the priest tell us, “You may now kiss the bride.” Instead, he tried to guide us by putting his hand on our backs and nudging us toward each other. We were confused and didn’t realize it was time for the big kiss, so we hugged.  The priest then said, “No, no-kiss!” We, along with all of our guests, started laughing and then we finally sealed our vows with a kiss. This was certainly the standout moment from the day and the first of many memorable moments as husband and wife.


Author: Michelle & Glenn Provencher

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