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A Tea Party Convert?

A woman from Orange wrote a letter to the editor last week (“Teabagger Takeover,” October 24, 2013) that revealed her intense, bubbling hostility toward the Tea Party. While it is apparent that this woman is misguided, there is more hope for her than for those who are emotionally lukewarm.

It has been proven time and again that it is easier to change the direction of someone who is on his/her way than to try to motivate the apathetic. Example: Three of the most conservative, active members of the Pioneer Valley Tea Party admit to having been active Pavlovians in the anti-establishment movement of the 1960s. In the past five years, members of the Pioneer Valley Tea Party have successfully counseled individuals just like the woman from Orange.

It is highly likely that this woman tunes in to news sources like NBC’s Chris Matthews and (unfortunately and without a whimper) believes every word Matthews says. Lacking discernment in this age of communication can be disastrous. It speaks well for the woman from Orange that she is “on her way” and active, but, sadly, heading in the wrong direction. Who knows: will the woman from Orange someday morph into a Tea Party activist? I hope she keeps us posted.


Of Pot and Politics

The medical marijuana question has passed, and as I felt would happen, there is almost no place to get medical marijuana.

I would suppose that not many remember my speech at the Amherst Extravaganja. I said that the problem with the pro-marijuana movement is that it shuns partisan politics. Now it is beginning to reap the “benefits” of the strategy of non-partisan politics. It spent a fortune on getting the referendum passed, and then gave a free ride to the incumbent politicians who did not want the question passed. And now those politicians are sabotaging it.

Nominations for state offices are about to begin. That is the time to “throw the bums out.” Most of them ran unopposed the last time. We see what this leads to.


If Casinos Win, Palmer Loses

Before Palmer residents vote on Nov. 5, they should consider the big picture.

A casino is just another way to transfer wealth from the middle class to the top 1 percent. Patrons of the casino risk their paychecks, their cars and even their homes. The casino billionaires couldn’t care less and will have no obligation to help anyone after taking his money. With so much money poured into slot machines, other purchases cannot be made, and the economy suffers. All that money is packaged up and sent out of state to some wealthy casino owner to make him wealthier.

Of course, house breaks, muggings, embezzlement and all types of crimes will increase as local people become desperate. The rural quality of life will be lost.

Mohegan Sun has spent a great deal of money on signs, posters and propaganda telling voters to vote “Yes for Palmer” when they mean vote “Yes for wealthy casino owners” so they can take our money, too. Anyone who cares about Palmer or surrounding towns should vote “No.” Remember, the money they are spending in Palmer was taken from people like us who lost it at another casino.

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